Remembering Chris Potvin

  A look back at the baseball tournament from Marc Allard of the Norwich Bulletin in 2004 Norwich -- Walk through the gates at Dodd Stadium and look straight ahead. You will see this young, vibrant, almost angelic fact looking down at you from a back-lit board thanking those who donated time

Scholarship Donors

If your name is not listed, e-mail your name, not the amount to:                     Thank you from the Potvin Family! Allen, Eunice Albert,Crystal Amanti, Tom & Rebecca Amaro, Matthew & Amy Arico, Allen Arremony, Dawn & Richard Arremony, Robert Asal, Jr., William & Barb Austin, Patricia Autencio, Patricia Aylward, Michael & Nancy Ballaro, Pete Ballestrini, Gary Balser, Dan Banker, Bonnie & Robert Barber, Hiram

Board of Directors

Officers & Board of Directors for the Christopher Potvin Scholarship Fund WAYNE POTVIN President BILL BUSCETTO Vice-President CHRISTINE POTVIN Treasurer TIESHA DiMAGGIO Secretary TOM DiMAGGIO Executive Member At-Large BOARD OF DIRECTORS Len Contillo Monica Contillo Darryl Driscoll Harold Fenger George Lukins Shayn McAvoy Chris Pomroy Heather Pomroy John Rodearuel